Scientists Report Increased Brain Activity Keeps Dementia At Bay

In order to function properly, the brain requires an adequate blood flow. In case this blood flow is blocked as a result of heart not pumping or arteries getting blocked, the brain tissue will get damaged. This is why strokes or mini-strokes can cause a subsequent cognitive decline which is also known as vascular dementia. To reduce the risk of cognitive decline, scientists recommend managing blood pressure, keeping blood sugar normal, controlling cholesterol levels, being more physically active, losing extra weight, stop smoking and eating a healthy diet.

According to recent studies, implementing the above steps has shown an increase in brain activity by over 25%. Other brain-boosting activities include continuing education and social interactions. Scientists and medical professionals encourage their patients to take up new hobbies after they retire from their jobs. This way the brain learns a new task and keeps the brain cells active at the same time. Interacting socially with different people also help keep the brain sharper. If a patient has a family history of Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is a good idea to implement these ideas to reduce their risk to these diseases for as long as possible.

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