Scientist Warn Against Giving Smartphones To kids

The growing number of complaints about children becoming too involved in their own world as a result of extreme smartphone usage has the scientists worried. Many parents struggle with deciding whether it is time to give their children access to smartphones these days. According to recent studies, increased screen time can have a detrimental effect on the eyesight of kids. It has also been observed that giving a smartphone to kids at a young age, causes them to abstain from other childhood activities like imaginary games, building forts, playing pretend and so on.

Although the problems of handing over a smartphone to a young child have been discussed to death everywhere, smartphones have also become a necessity of the day. With both parents working, the kids are often left alone to their own devices these days. Giving them a smartphone makes it easier for their parents to keep track of their kids and ensure that they are safe at all times. Scientists recommend using a tracker app on the child’s phone to find out where they are exactly at any point in time. If a parent feels that their child is responsible enough to handle using a smartphone responsibly, it might be time to get them one. However, the parents need to lay down rules to make sure that their kids do not end up spending their entire time on their phones as well. Parents need to have access to their passwords to check their phones once in a while.

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