Low Budget Destinations To Visit

With the growing inflation rates and unstable economy, travelers are finding it difficult to find budget friendly destinations to travel to. Industry experts suggest picking out locations that offer more at lower rates. Recent studies have shown that most travelers prefer to travel to budget friendly locations than spend away all their savings on a single luxurious trip. The best value places to visit in 2018 according to Lonely Planet are:

· Thailand
One of the top reasons why backpackers favor Thailand over other destinations is because this beautiful country offers a rich culture, idyllic islands, beach huts, delicious cuisines and plenty of adventures at staggeringly low prices. Although the country is a favorite tourist destination, there are plenty of out of the routes that offer visitors the chance to go the less trodden path.

· South Africa
South Africa is a great choice to get closer to nature. Travelers can indulge in a safari adventure without a budget-breaking bill. For hiking, Drakensberg is the preferred choice for travelers. A few days in Cape Town is a great way to get in touch with the roots of the country without spending too much money.

· Vietnam
Ever since the end of the America War, Vietnam has been rebuilding itself to into a beautiful country with plenty to offer tourists and visitors. The sublime countryside, the paddy fields, and waterways of Mekong Delta is an excellent way to for travelers to enjoy their time away from their busy lives. The Vietnamese cuisine is also tasty and perfect for the budget traveler.

· Uruguay
Uruguay is slowly being discovered by tourists and travelers. Low budget travelers can take advantage of this fact and enjoy the lovely beaches that aren’t crowded yet. They can also check out the gorgeous Montevideo to indulge in a bit of history and culture. The low-cost facilities in Uruguay make it perfect for a traveler who is on a low budget.

· India
India has always been the preferred destination for most budget travelers. This beautifully diverse country offers travelers a chance to travel extensively and eat well on very low budgets. History, culture, cuisines, cities, India has a bit of something for everyone. It is truly one of the top destinations for a budget traveler.

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