Labor Day Weekend and Safe Driving

Labor Day Weekend and Safe Driving

Labor Day weekend is once again upon us and the roadways will be crowded with thousands of motor vehicles. The weather is still warm and vacation spots are filled with vacationers looking to party and revel one last time before the coolness of fall arrives followed by the chill of winter. car accident attorneys

Although AAA no longer considers the weekend to be one of the top automotive travel weekends nationally, Texas is an exception. There are a number of festivals and outdoor activities planned, college students are returning, and shopping for back to school is still in full force. And while most of us will look to take advantage of the long weekend, we should all be mindful of safe driving practices. More here

1. Distracted Driving: The rise in the use of electronic devices and of course the use of cell phones and related texting and status updates, present ongoing dangers.
2. Drinking and Drugs: Backyard barbecues and get-togethers present additional opportunities for impaired driving. Make plans for a designated driver if you are planning to drive, especially at night.
3. Check for Motorcycles: The warm weather and Labor Day weekend means that motorcyclists will be out in full force. Motorcycles are less visible than cars and unlike experienced bicyclists; motorcyclists do not prefer the colorful and highly visible dress options.
4. Tourists and Bad drivers: While we all love visitors to our beautiful state, be mindful that they are prone to get lost and/or making quick lane changes on the accident injury lawyers

The number of motor vehicle accidents in Texas and nationally continues to increase at a disturbing rate. We encourage all to make wise driving decisions not only this Labor Day but at all times. If you have the unfortunate experience to have a motor vehicle accident or other personal injury caused in part by the negligence of another, please call our experienced personal injury law firm. Our attorneys will advise you as to your next steps and we offer a free initial consultation.

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