Budget Airlines Encourage Long-Haul Destinations During Bank Holidays

With Britons opting for exotic destinations during their bank holidays on the rise, it has led to an increase in long distance flights, especially over the weekend according to the latest figures. The introduction of low-cost airlines that offer long distance flights has made it possible for passengers to choose travel destinations that are further away than the usual traditional destinations. Gatwick Airport has reported a rise of fourteen per cent in the passengers who are choosing a long distance flight compared to the Bank Holiday weekend in August last year.

The 2nd biggest airport in the UK is expecting at least 631,000 travelers to pass through it the coming weekend. There has also been a reported an increase of 125 per cent to the number of people travelling to Oakland (one of the 10 popular routes to the US) this year. There has been a reported increase of 55% in passengers travelling to New York and an increase of twenty nine per cent in travelers to Los Angeles compared to last year’s figures. This increase in numbers is being credited to the introduction of low budget airlines like Norwegia, Wow Air and Westjet Airlines as it allows people to fly longer distances at a lower cost.

The low cost budget airlines enable people to travel to destinations other than Europe like the US, Dubai and even India. By taking Friday off, the Bank Holiday can be extended allowing families to go to different destinations for a 3-night and 4-day break. Airline Thomas Cook has seen a marked increase in the families travelling to farther destinations like New York and other American cities. People are also open to booking in advance to make sure they get a lower fare to the US rather than take a trip to the Mediterranean for the long weekend.

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